About Me

Hello world, I am SerHack, a developer, and security engineer. I worked for the Monero Project. I'm an open source enthusiast and I believe in the blockchain power. I have developed payment gateways and open source applications for two years. This website was created in order to centralize all SerHack projects, information and feelings about security and programming worlds.

The nickname SerHack was given by the domain because the original name was only Ser. Serhack.me meaning "Seriously, hack me", a sort of a challenge. Despite the nickname , I am not an hacker or a malicious person. I love helping people and I do not care too much about money.

Interesting facts about SerHack website

  • The domain serhack.me was registered in 14th of May 2017.
  • Top Alexa Rank was #1,357,847
  • Cloudflare blocked 72 attacks to my website

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About Me
Hi, I am SerHack. A developer and security researcher.