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Published at September 28, 2017 – 1 min read

Hello world, I am SerHack , I am a developer, an expert about software backend and a security researcher. I am from Italy where the security of citizens data is not seen as a priority. When I started looking to the world of development, I was like 12 years old. During these days, I saw how a developer is able to do almost everything with a personal computer and then I started my adventure and my project for entire life: become an excellent developer! In this blog, I will publish some posts about development world, fun facts, reverse engineering and security issues.

About the author

SerHack is a security engineer and a writer. He is contributing to the Monero project, a cryptocurrency focused on preserving privacy for transactions data. In his publications, Mastering Monero has became one of the best rated resources to learn about Monero.

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