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Started to be written in 2017, SerHack Blog represents a solid but unique point of view in Computer Science field. From cryptocurrencies to information security, from reverse engineering to phishing: many topics are depicted using layman terms. What are you waiting for? Read one of any articles.

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Developing a Keylogger: Hardware vs. Software Techniques

– To celebrate 400+ visits to my blog after just 10 days (not bad, come on), I managed in my spare time to write another, very interesting article on another popular category of malware: keyloggers. Keyloggers are a particularly insidious form of malware: they are software designed to monitor every … See Full Article

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Technical Analysis of WannaCry Ransomware

– By now, on the net, on TV and around the world, there is nothing but talk about WannaCrypt: ransomware, or malware that can encrypt all the files on one’s computer and demand a ransom for unlocking them. It has infected between 500,000 and 600,000 computers in more than half the world. … See Full Article

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Hello world! I'm SerHack

– Hello world, I am SerHack, I am a developer, a security researcher and writer, I mostly write about software backend and a security researcher. I am from Italy where the security of citizens data is not seen as a priority. When I started looking to the world of development, I was like 12 years old. … See Full Article

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