Mastering Monero

The future of private transactions

“Mastering Monero” is a collective effort to distill intimate knowledge of the Monero blockchain, protocol, and community.

This book is suitable for beginners and experts alike, providing them with introductory information on blockchains in general, and an in-depth understanding of Monero, the privacy-centric blockchain.

Reading this book will help you understand how Monero works, the cryptography behind the protocol, and explore a variety of different topics gathered from actual users.

The focus of the book is privacy. How Monero compares to other cryptocurrencies and how it can be used as a private form of currency for individuals and businesses.

Book overview

Across these eight chapters, “Mastering Monero” can take a reader from a complete crypto novice to an informed crypto citizen that knows how to protect his or her privacy. This book takes you by the hand on an exploratory adventure, showing you the world of blockchains and crypto, before taking you on a private tour of the Monero protocol and systems.

Illustrations throughout the chapters make it easy for readers to understand the content visually. Most of the important examples, stories, and statements have an illustration associated with them, eliminating the steep learning curve inhibited by advanced crypto and blockchain concepts.

“Mastering Monero” is also for advanced users and developers. The book covers the latest developments with Bulletproofs, Hardware wallets, and OpenAlias. Also, it provides technical readers with the foundations for Monero’s decentralized network, P2P architecture, providing developers with the skills and understanding to start working on Monero implementations.

Table of Contents

What Others Have to Say About The Book

The best Monero resource for beginners and experts alike
“Not only is this book the best guide to #Monero that I’ve ever seen, it’s also a great example of how to create a comprehensive and engaging guide to anything. Writing is top notch, and the many pics are among the best I’ve ever seen for conveying complex concepts.”
Written by John Lester on January 24, 2019.

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Pages: 212
Published: December 20, 2018
ISBN: 9781719849357