This page was created to celebrate all the contributors and people who helped SerHack in the last few years. There are few people that incredibely helped me into creating, developing and working on the website.

Christoph Ono

Christoph Ono is the designer behind my theme and my website. From fonts to colors, every single detail has been composed by him! He is a UX and digital product designer based in Munich, Germany. He work as an independent contractor with a network of friends, agencies, and startups across the world.

If you’re looking for a UX person, I strongly suggest him for his works.

Andrés Fernández Cordón

Andrés is an illustrator working at Sloop Studio. After gathering experiences through years as a short film director, picture book author, freelance illustrator, work-for-hire animator, and overall internet enthusiast decided to mash it all up and put it to good use in his own animation studio.

Most of the illustrations that you can find on my website were produced by Andrés.


List of contributors who helped me in 6 years of SerHack: