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How to protect your cryptocurrency wallet

Published at January 1, 0001 – 1 min read


In the latest years, Bitcoin and many others cryptocurrencies dominated the newspaper with their PUMPS (the price of a cryptocurrency is high) or DUMP (the price goes down – e.g Bitcoin January 2017). These become a target for attackers, since there could be multiple ways to scam you and take advantage of your wallet. How many times have we heard about people that “lost” their wallets? Or got phished?

In this article, I would like to introduce to the reader some techniques to better protect the wallet, specifying before what types of wallets there are.

About the author

SerHack is a security engineer, developer, and writer. He is contributing to the Monero project, a cryptocurrency focused on preserving privacy for transactions data. In his publications, Mastering Monero has became one of the best rated resources to learn about Monero.

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