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Introducing the New Website: From WordPress to Gohugo

– At the beginning, I started my website on 14th May of 2017 when the recent Wannacry malware has appeared. My first post, in fact, was to discuss and to analyze the malware in deeper, explaining technical concepts to people who do not know anything about Windows and SMB. In my life, I meet some people who costantely marked theirself as “expert” in Computer science, but after I have … See Full Article

Introducing the New Website: From WordPress to Gohugo Illustration

Hello world! I'm SerHack

– Hello world, I am SerHack, I am a developer, a security researcher and writer, I mostly write about software backend and a security researcher. I am from Italy where the security of citizens data is not seen as a priority. When I started looking to the world of development, I was like 12 years old. During these days, I saw how a developer is able to do almost everything with a personal computer … See Full Article

Hello world! I'm SerHack Illustration

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