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How to crash the iPhone with a single Telugu character

Apple Analysis

In recent years, Apple has been heavily criticized for the security implications of their market centralization and policy of irreversible operating system updates. Mobile device users are strongly pressured to install packaged iOS upgrades that cannot be rolled back. While this practice greatly increases security for most users, there is an inherent danger to this centralization.


How I broke Envato Search Engine

How Envato managed two critical vulnerabilities discovered by me


Hello world

Hello world, my name is serhack , I am developer, an expert about backend and a security researcher. I am from Italy, here the security of citizens data isn't high as for other nations. Then I started looking to the world of Development, I was like 12 years old. During these days, I saw how a dev is able to do almost everything with a personal computer and then I started my adventure and my project for entire life: become a big developer! In this blog, I will publish some posts about development world, fun facts, reverse engineering and security issues.


WannaCry reverse engineering